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50m Swimming Pool, UCD

SIWP WNLD1 Swim Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 2022-23

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Gameweek Recaps

Gameweeks 1 (17 September 2022)

Drogheda opened the 2022-23 Swim Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League 2022-23 with a 3-4 loss to North Dublin in a low-scoring encounter at the National Aquatic Centre. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 2 (25 September 2022)

The following week the County Louth team won their match versus Tribes of Galway 14-10. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweeks 3 (15 October 2022)

Tribes like Drogheda before them followed up an opening match loss with a victory, this time the Galway team defeated Belfast’s Cathal Brugha 9-7 in Kingfisher, Galway.[References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 4 (29 October 2022)

Two weeks later at Lisnasharragh in Castlereagh, St. Vincent’s opened their campaign with an 11-7 victory over Cathal Brugha, and on the same day Tribes won their second game of the season 14-12 at home in Kingfisher Galway versus North Dublin. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 5 (12 November 2022)

North Dublin got their second win of the season at Lisnasharragh versus Cathal Brugha, the Belfast team sinking to their third consecutive loss of the season 3-7. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 6 (4 December 2022)

North Dublin went down 7-11 to Drogheda WPC at the National Aquatic Centre, lifting Driogheda above the Northsiders on six points. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 7 (11 December 2022)

North Dublin were outclassed by St. Vincent’s WPC, going down 2-15 as St. Vincent’s established a three point lead at the top of the table. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 8 (8 January 2023)

Cathal Brugha’s Women’s team picked up their first victory of the season, winning 9-5 versus North Dublin at the National Aquatic Centre. North Dublin remain on six points, alongside Drogheda WPC and Tribes WPC and three points behind leaders St. Vincent’s WPC, but have played seven games compared to the top three teams who have all played three. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 9 (29 January 2023)

St. Vincent’s won by 22-6 versus their nearest challengers Tribes WPC to gain their fourth victory in a row to start the season. Drogheda WPC moved up into second place with a 12-7 victory over last place Cathal Brugha, as the Louth side were still only three points behind the all-conquering Glasnevin team. [References: S1-S2]

Gameweek 10 (11 February 2023)

St. Vincent’s WPC again defeated Tribes WPC, this time 25-13 at NUIG Kingfisher in Galway to extend their lead over Drogheda WPC to six points. Drogheda had, however, a game in hand on the North Dubliners. [References: S1-S2]

About Swim Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 2022-23

Following Diamonds relegation from the Women’s National League Division 1 after the 2021-22 season the top Division in Women’s Water Polo in Ireland consists of five teams for 2022-23: St. Vincent’s from Dublin City; North Dublin from the Co. Dublin Borough of Fingal; Cathal Brugha from Belfast in Ulster; Tribes from Galway in Connacht and Drogheda WPC from County Louth in Leinster. [References: S1-S2]

Map of Swim Ireland Water Polo Teams – Women’s National League Division 1 2022-23

Eirball’s Map of Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 Teams 2022-23 [M-WP-WNLD1-2022-23]

[M-WP-WNLD1-2022-23] Vector Contributor Rainer Lesniewski (2022) administrative map of Ireland and Northern Ireland [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/administrative-map-ireland-northern-1665171421 [Last Accessed 11 August 2022][Overlaid with Map of Dublin isolated from: Vector — Map of Ireland administrative divisions on counties level Copyright: lesniewski [Internet] Available from: https://www.123rf.com/photo_51580818_map-of-ireland-administrative-divisions-on-counties-level.html?vti=lnoo9k86jx77fg2u6b-1-1 [Accessed 10 January 2022][Ireland Water Polo Team Logos added by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball – see References WP-3 to WP-11]

Photo of University College Dublin 50m Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool

[WP-I-1] Shutterstock / Photo Contributor: haireena (2021) Dublin, Ireland – Feb 2021: Selective focus view of the UV treated 50-metre Olympic indoor swimming pool at the student centre of University College Dublin (UCD). [Internet] Accessed from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/dublin-ireland-feb-2021-selective-focus-1919896562 [Accessed 17 January 2023]



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