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Irish Surfing Association Men's Champions 1967-Present

Irish Surfing Logo [Reference: 2]

Men’s Champions 1967-Present

1967Frank Cavey
1968Ted Alexander
1969Alan Duke
1970Hugh O’Brien Moran
1971Derek Musgrave
1972Alan Duke
1973Derek Musgrave
1974Alan Duke
1975Alan Duke
1976Grant Robinson
1977William Britton
1978William Britton
1979Grant Robinson
1980William Britton
1981Grant Robinson
1982Hugh O’Brien Moran
1983Hugh O’Brien Moran
1984Hugh O’Brien Moran
1985Michael Vance
1986Kevin Tobin
1987Kevin Tobin
1988Hugh O’Brien Moran
1989Andrew Hill
1990Andrew Hill
1991Andrew Hill
1992Andrew Hill
1993Andrew Hill
1994Andrew Hill
1995Darren Twomey
1996Darren Twomey
1997Joe McNulty
1998Colin O’Hare
1999Colin O’Hare
2000Conn McDermott
2001Colin O’Hare
2002Colin O’Hare
2003Stephen Conwell
2004Cain Kilcullen
2005Mike Morgan
2006Fergal Smith
2007Mike Morgan
2008Cain Kilcullen
2009Fergal Smith
2010Stephen Kilfeather
2011Stephen Kilfeather
2012Ronan Oertzen
2013Gearoid McDaid
2014Stephen Kilfeather
2015Gearoid McDaid
2016Gearoid McDaid
2017Gearoid McDaid
2018Stephen Kilfeather
Irish Surfing Association Men’s Champions 1967-Present [Reference: 1]



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