Ireland Water Polo Women’s National League Division 1 2016-2018


IWP National League Womens Division 1 2016-17

St. Vincent’s1010001766930
Donegall Diamonds1050510711215
Cathal Brugha #10505857115


IWP National League Womens Division 1 2017-18

St. Vincent’s B1414002356142
Diamonds A1473415512024
St. Vincent’s A14401011415312
Cathal Brugha #13427939310
Diamonds B #13001333219-4


Season Information

Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Draw / 0 Pts Loss / -4 Pts Forfeit #

Tie-Breaker: head-to-head aggregate score over two matches.


Water Polo was invented in Scotland in the late 19th Century and has been played in Ireland since the early 20th Century. Its’ heydey was in the 1960s when Ireland Qualified for the European Championships.

St. Vincent’s of Glasnevin, Dublin, have been the dominant team in Irish Women’s Water Polo for the last three years, winning all their league matches every year.




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Thanks to Caoimhe Mullaney.

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